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Why (BHRT) Hormone Therapy?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy produces many beneficial results that help patients enjoy their later adulthood with the same energy and enthusiasm as they did during their youth. There is no reason to let decreased hormone levels hold you back from continuing an active life.... more

Slow down aging?

Anti-Aging can make a quantum leap in people’s enjoyment of their lives. Natural hormones are a wonderful, gentle way of balancing your hormones, but should part of a complete Anti-Aging Program.·... more

Do women need testosterone?

Testosterone is present and extremely important in women as well as men... more

Men and Testosterone

Testosterone deficiency is a major and unrecognized health problem with 80+ percent of the baby boomers showing decreased levels of testosterone by 45-50 years of age... more

Concierge Primary Care

Our vision is to bring the small town family doctor to the big city. Instead of you being one of 30 or more patients that your doctor will see today and not remember, you are someone who forms a partnership with Doctor Cox in order to optimize your long term health and happiness.... more

Learn More About Atlanta Bioidentical Hormones

While standard medical practices focus on treating symptoms when it comes to many age related problems, Dr. Cox offers solutions that can help eliminate the causes. Through the use of Anti-Aging Programs, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapies, Nutritional Evaluations and Nutritional Supplementation, we are able to dramatically slow down the aging process.

  • Hormone Evaluation and Balancing
  • Nutritional Evaluation and Optimization
  • Nutritional Supplementation & Optimization